Love the Prime Law is not to be confused with the Mark Hamilton concept of the Prime Law.

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“Love with Work

Will Work!”

As I go through life, I seem to be coming to one conclusion. Nothing can or can ever exist without LOVE. I mean, just think about it for a minute. What has the lack of LOVE done to us? Greed, wars, control, lack of compassion, slavery, crime, decease, lack of concern for fellow man, hate, a fear based system and I could go on and on.  Lack of LOVE has caused ruin to our environment as well. Think of all the plants and animals that no longer exist because of lack of LOVE. In fact there are even entire tribes of humans that no longer exist. Look at the abuse of resources due to monetary greed like oil, fracking, mining, deforestation and water pollution with toxic chemicals.  Yes, this is all due to the lack of true LOVE, concern and compassion.


So really then, I have come to the logical conclusion that without LOVE we will cease to exist. We ARE on that path. The path of "nothing can exist without LOVE". I also believe that LOVE is Eternal and that if we had complete pure LOVE such as the Creator has, we could last forever. But without this complete pure LOVE then we die out eventually. LOVE therefore is the Prime Law. And, I am not talking about a law like governments make. No, I mean like the law of gravity. Like the laws that run our Universe. That kind of law. LOVE must be applied to every project, every relationship, every activity we do. Success in life is not money, it's not fame, or any other ego based accomplishment. Success in life is achieving LOVE. If we do not have the knowledge of LOVE, how not to hurt our "Self" inside by our thoughts and what we do to our "Self", then how could we ever understand how not to hurt those around us. And, this even includes our environment and nature itself.


So let's change it all! We can you know! We can change it anytime we want. Let's begin applying the "Prime Law" of LOVE in every aspect of our life. Imagine what the world would be like if each and every one of us applied the Prime Law of LOVE. Together we could accomplish anything. But without it we WILL, cease to exist.  So you see why we must urgently spread this good news. This is great news! To save our world this is simply what we must do. It's so simple, it's so easy. But it will take work. It will take LOVE Education. “LOVE with Work, Will Work!”.  All we need to do is let go of all the bitterness, judgmental hate and fear. Just let it go and replace it with LOVE. LOVE replaces fear. It is my every prayer, my every meditation, my every breath, and in my every conversation that we will soon join together in this Global Effort of salvation. We only have "UNTIL NOW"


Ron Lewis


© 2012

Our Very Existence Depends On LOVE! The Prime Law!

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