“We are flowing in a river called God's Dream.
His Dream is the only Reality.

Make your reality God's Dream and all your dreams will come true.”


Think about the above quote for a moment. We are all flowing along in a universal river. We are caught in the power of the flow. We can swim around in it during our life, perhaps even try hard to swim against the current. But no matter how hard we try, we are still being carried in the stream. Imagine if we could discover how to use the power of this Universal Flow. If we could tap into it, for wisdom and strength. Think of what could be achieved. This Divine Flow is what we call Divine Universal Frequency. Because all matter and Life itself are held together by frequency.  To discover how to use Divine Universal Frequency in our favor, we must begin by looking within our Self to become aware of our Divine Nature.

Many think that answers to all their dreams,  expectations for happiness, peace and love are out there in the world somewhere waiting to be discovered. But we are beginning to learn that Life is not about searching for love, happiness and peace outside “Self”! Life is about discovering that you are Love, Joy and Peace. Life is about sharing Love and Peace together. How can you fight for something you already are? Stop allowing yourself to be distracted, striving to obtain what you already are within. Become Conscious of your Divine Nature. You are not imperfect! You were just programmed to feel inadequate and unconscious of your Divine Perfection! Be Perfect! The one who made you is!  You were designed to resonate to Perfection.

God's Divine Nature flows through all creation as we ourselves flow in it. His Love resonates and radiates. Just look around and you will see it everywhere and in everyone. It is woven into the fabric of all creation. His Divine Frequency bombards us and blasts us day and night. Does it hurt? Well not in a physical sense. But in a spiritual sense, if we choose to ignore it or become unconscious of it, it can hurt allot. If we try to block it out by building walls to separate ourselves from God's Divine Frequency, over time we will die. If we become so unconscious and burdened down in life, we will be agitated, irritated, and uncomfortable here. We will yearn, we will long, we will search, we will struggle our whole life to find love, peace and happiness outside our Self. You're going to notice we emphasize many times in this booklet the need to let go. Because unless we're free to resonate in tune to Divine Frequency and become conscious of our Divine Nature within, we can never feel real Love, Joy, and Peace during our time here.

Our intention is to help you think about consciousness, who you really are, where you come from, Divine Nature, Universal Frequency and Oneness. How becoming conscious of our Divine Nature might help us to look at Life from a different perspective. How that might affect what's most important in Life, how it can affect the way we feel inside, our health, how it can improve relationships, free us from the bondage of fear and living each day in survival mode.

Some might think, “Wow! Maybe Divine Nature is your thing. But I'm just not interested in it. That seems like allot of work and I got too much going on in life as it is. No thanks, I just wanna enjoy my life while it lasts.”

Well you are totally free to feel that way and no one should ever judge you for that.

But for those of you who are fed up with the world and the way life is turning out, perhaps you're interested in looking within to discover your Divine Nature. We assure you, your life will become easier. You will begin to see changes in your behavior and you will begin to make wiser choices. It won't even seem like hard work at all. In fact you will be amazed how much better you feel. It's like learning a new language. At first it's new and may seem challenging. But one day the tipping point comes and you amaze yourself as you're actually speaking your new language. Learning to use our inner Divine Nature is much like learning a forgotten language. Except there is no language that will ever compare to the beauty of Your Divine Nature.

Becoming conscious of our Divine Nature will enhance our creativity and productivity in Life. We will begin to feel more passionate about our work when we resonate in tune to Divine Nature. We will work smarter and not harder knowing we are a Master of Self and no longer someone's slave. Those who look within to discover their  Divine Nature have been pleasantly surprised. Because they now, begin to see it in others. Once they begin to love their Self, they clearly understand how to love others. When they stop hurting themselves, they stop hurting those around them. When they discover inner Love, Peace and Joy, it shines out and becomes a benefit and strength for others as they share it.

Some of the thoughts you read here may seem different from what we've been taught. Our intention is not to make you believe what we've written. But to consider some ideas in a different way.

No one taught consciousness of our Divine Nature better than the Great Teacher Jesus. His teachings are just so common sense and if we test them out, proof can be seen that being conscious of our Divine Nature really works. So in this booklet, we are taking a very opened minded approach regarding Jesus' teachings about Consciousness.

In the final part of the booklet, you will find Mentations. These are thoughts, quotes, stories and poems designed to help one look at life from a different perspective.

We think you will enjoy reading this booklet and sincerely hope it will benefit you in some way.




Hello! How are you feeling right now? Are you feeling happy? Are you feeling sad? Do you feel good? Do you feel Bad? Are you feeling angry or bitter. Are you feeling positive? Well guess what? Regardless of how you feel, it has absolutely nothing to do with your Happiness. Your feelings or situation in life have nothing to do with the Real You. What other people think of you, say to you or do to you, has nothing at all to do with who you are. Because no matter what you are going through during your time here or your situation, you will always be Love, Joy, Peace, Kind and Good.  It's impossible to be anything else. You were made to be Perfect. You just need to be conscious of it.

The key to a great Life, is being conscious of the Real Divine You. It should be #1 on our “to do list”! If the world blew up today, there is little or nothing we could do about it and actually, it's none of our business. Our business is knowing who we really are and where we come from. Our business is to be conscious of our Divine Nature and Perfection. Once we do, we will be a blessing and a benefit to everyone and everything in our environment.

For example: Look at the honey bee. The honey bee doesn't fly around trying to be a fish does it? Nope! The honey bee is and does what it was created to be. It pollinates the crops and gathers honey for us to eat. It benefits us in many ways helping our health and ensuring we have food to eat. A honey bee goes about it's business being a honey bee and doesn't pretend to be something else. Are you not greater than a tiny little honey bee? Therefore, be conscious of who you were meant to be! Be conscious of who you come from! Never pretend to be something else and you will do very well here.

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